Warts & Verrucas

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures
(Advanced Electrolysis) is used for the safe removal of many benign fibrous & vascular blemishes including:

                     Glasgow electrolysis and advanced electrolysis clinic shows advanced cosmetic procedures

About Face are Scotland’s only specialists in these procedures with all our electrolysists being fully qualified in them. Clinic owner Helen Graham is responsible for developing many of these techniques and teaches Advanced Electrolysis for both the BIAE [British Institute & Association of Electrolysis] and Sterex International, the world leaders in manufacture and supply of electrolysis equipment.
Using electrolysis to remove these blemishes is quick and safe and unlike surgical removal leaves no scar.
Often only 1 treatment is required

[verruca vulgaris]
These are all caused by the Human Papilloma Virus [HPV] and can be contagious i.e. can be passed from one person to another by contact.

Common Warts
  can be single or can appear in groups or lines. They have a thickened,
  rough surface which sometimes has black dots in it – the black dots
  are just tiny blood vessels. They can occur anywhere on the body but
  are most common on the hands, fingers and around nails.

Plane Warts
  have a flat surface and are skin coloured or brown. They sometimes
  occur in groups, often on the wrists, face or knees though they can
  appear anywhere.

  are just warts on the soles of the feet and are painful because of the
 constant pressure of the weight of the body on the feet. They can also
 occur in groups.
 All types of warts are removed by inserting a little probe to the base
 of the wart i.e. where the blood supply is, and passing heat energy to
 this area. This seals off the blood supply without which the wart cannot
 survive. This method of removal is so much more successful than freezing
 the wart off such as would be done at the doctor, or applying any of the
 products you can buy to apply to the wart. This is because with electrolysis
 we go straight to the root of the problem rather than just treating the
 surface as the other methods do.

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