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Sothys Facials - Truly specialised and effective treatments which produce visible results.
New Sothys facials at About face in glasgow
Sothys Facials in Glasgow
Which is your favourite Sothys Facial ??
If you have never tried one of the extensive range of Sothys Facials then you do not realise
what you have been missing. We have 7 specialised treatments for all skin types designed to leave your skin looking at its best and feeling even better. We have highlighted 4 of our most popular facials both above and below. Why not book an appointment and find out more about these fabulous treatments.
Sothys facials at About face in Glasgow
Best of all included in the cost of your first facial at About Face is a FREE, private Consultation during which your skin will be professionally analysed. What you wish to achieve for your skin will be noted and the therapist will then choose which facial is most suited to you. She will prescribe home care products from the Sothys range to enhance the benefits of your facial thereby maximising your investment in your skin.

Remember to use Sothys Products for your aftercare.
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About Face in Glasgow uses Sothys beauty treatments and products

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