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Laser Skin Rejuvenation Glasgow

The ENERGIST Ultra is the most advanced hair removal & skin rejuvenation product available. Utilising state of the art Variable Pulsed Light technology, the Ultra system provides the optimal treatment for each individual, ensuring safe, fast and effective treatment.

What makes this system special?
Traditionally, light based treatment has been associated with Lasers. As technology has progressed, research has shown that Intense Pulsed Light, and in particular Variable Pulsed Light are regularly producing better results than the Laser units originally available. Pulsed light units are non-laser, emitting light across a broad range of wavelengths that are preferentially absorbed by the appropriate structure in the skin.

How does it work ?
The Ultra system is designed so that each shot of light comprises a sequence of rapid shorter pulses. These variable pulses ensure more controlled absorption by the appropriate structures whilst minimising heating of the surrounding tissues. This means that a greater range of skin types can be safely and effectively treated than was previously possible.

What can be treated ?

Ageing Skin
IPL will rejuvenate your skin by stimulating deep collagen production. Your skin will appear smoother, plumper and lifted with uneven skin tone and skin texture greatly improved. Open pores will also be minimised.
The treatment of red veins, age spots or other pigmentation, rosacea and scar tissue are all included in a rejuvenation session.
During this treatment the light is absorbed by the appropriate structure in the skin stimulating collagen production or coagulating the tiny blood vessels, or breaking up the melanin in the pigmentation patch. Most people will need around 6 treatments for rejuvenation and up to 6 treatments for rejuvenation and up to 6 treatments for other conditions.

For red veins: the light is absorbed by the veins causing coagulation of these tiny blood vessels.

For pigmentation: the light is absorbed by the sun spot, age spot or other pigmentation and breaks up the melanin – melanin is the substance in the skin which causes pigmentation.

For Scar Tissue and Open Pores: the light stimulates the production of collagen. Collagen is a connective tissue which is naturally present in the skin and gives the skin its elasticity and plumpness. As a result scar tissue is smoothed out and open pores are tightened.

Active Acne: the light stimulates the production of oxygen which  destroys the bacteria responsible for the pustules associated with acne. Redness and inflammation are greatly reduced.

Is there anything I need to do prior to or after treatment?
The sun or tanning beds must be avoided for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment to ensure your skin is as close to its natural colour as possible. You must also avoid the sun for the duration of your treatment and for at least 4 weeks after completion of your treatment. It is highly recommended that you always wear a sun block and/or a hat during sun exposure.
For futher information or to enquire about a consultation Telephone 0141-204 4060

IPL treatment prices for:
Skin Rejuvenation, Scar Tissue, Thread Veins, Blood Spots, Open Pores, Pigmentation & Acne.



Area Single Course of 6
Consultation FREE
Test Patch £20.00
IPL for Skin Rejuvenation
Includes treatment of red veins, sun/age spots & scar tissue
Face & Neck £150.00 £750
Face only £120.00 £600
Neck only (front) £100.00 £500
Decollete £120.00 £600
Face, Neck & Decollete £200.00 £1000
Mouth £40.00 £200
Eyes £60.00 £300
Forehead £60.00 £300
Hands (both) £60.00 £300
IPL for Treatment of Acne
Acne (full face) £100.00 £500
Full Face & Neck £130.00 £650
IPL for Vascular Conditions
Thread veins/blood spots from £60.00 from £300
Rosacea from £60.00 from £300
IPL for Other Conditions
Age/Sun Spots from £60.00 from £300
Open Pores from £60.00 from £300
Post Acne Scarring from £60.00 from £300

Course of 6 includes one FREE

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