CACI facials in glasgow at About Face

CACI Non Surgical Facelift

About Face is proud to use CACI – the award-winning, finest, non-surgical face lifting treatment available.
In addition to general facial lifting other noticeable improvements you will see include:

  • forehead lines smoothed    
  • eyebrows raised    
  • crows’ feet diminished    
  • under eye-puffiness reduced
  • cheeks firmed and plumped    
  • nose-to-mouth lines softened
  • lip lines diminished
  • sagging jawline lifted
  • crepey neck smoothed
  • skin elasticity restored
  • pores tightened
  • individual lines or wrinkles treated intensively

Your skin will be softer, smoother and more refined.
General facial contours will be firmed.
Your skin will look fresher due to the detoxifying effect of the treatment.
You will see a difference after just one treatment but after a course of 10 the results are truly amazing.

How does it work ?
By stimulating the facial muscle fibres with a low frequency energy called microcurrent. This simulates perfect exercises for the face. It’s like having a gym session for facial muscles. Microcurrent was originally used to treat muscle paralysis as in Bell’s Palsy.

What will it feel like ?
You may feel a slight tingling and possibly a rhythmic tapping sensation which is pleasant and quite soothing. Many people experience little or no sensation at all and drift off to sleep during treatment.

How many treatments will I need ?
You will see a difference after just one treatment.
For optimum, long lasting results a course of ten sessions is recommended taken twice weekly over 5 weeks. After your course you can have a ‘maintenance’ session once every 4 - 6 weeks.

CACI facials at About Face in Glasgow with amazing results

Can anyone have it ?
Yes! Anyone - women or men who wish to look younger and improve the condition of their skin.

In conclusion
Facial Lifting Therapy provides a realistic alternative to a surgical face lift - it won’t produce such dramatic results [thank goodness!] but it will improve your appearance most effectively and the advantages over surgery are:

  • there is no surgery
  • there is no recovery period
  • it’s enjoyable to have done
  • you still look completely natural
  • it is a fraction of the cost

    and remember - even a surgical face lift only lasts around 5 years.
    So go ahead - book today and give yourself a real treat!

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