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*Advice on managing your hair growth while we're closed*
We fully realise how difficult this will be for many of you, being unable to have your regular treatment which is essential to you. Rest assured that with electrolysis, a pause in your treatment will not undo the treatment you've had so far, it will only delay the progress - so long as you don't remove the hair by the root as a temporary measure - this includes waxing, tweezing, epilating and threading. It's OK to shave [yes, really], cut the hair, use depilatory cream, bleach or an abrasive to remove the hair until you can have electrolysis again - the most important thing is that you don't use any method which removes it by the root as this will undo all the electrolysis you've had.
Many people think shaving is the worst thing they can do but although it makes the hair feel stubbly and coarse, it doesn't actually increase the growth or make it any stronger, because the root of the hair has not been touched. It does make the hair growth feel worse, because after shaving the hair is blunt and it's all growing at the same time [rather than within its natural cycle as it would if you'd had electrolysis] but it honestly does not increase or strengthen the growth.
We will keep you updated as to what's happening but in the meantime if you wish to contact us please email info@about-face.co.uk or contact us on facebook or call us on 07804 910206. If you'd like us to call you please leave your number.
We hope you keep well and safe.
If you would like to speak to someone you can call us on 07804 910206 while we're closed. or you can email us: info@about-face.co.uk

Permanent Hair removal using Electrolysis from
Glasgow's Premier Clinic for the last 34 years

Electrolysis is the only medically approved method of permanent hair removal (approved by the British Medical Association). Unwanted hair is a problem for many men and women and the distress it can cause is vastly underestimated. More people have hair permanently removed by electrolysis than you can probably imagine.

Please make an appointment for a consultation - it is free,
private and you are under no obligation to have treatment.


Click here to download our specialist leaflet on electrolysis.

All our electrolysists undertake post-graduate examinations to become registered with the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis (M.B.I.A.E., C.R.P.E.). About Face is the only electrolysis clinic in the UK to implement this rigorous standard.
We only use pre-sterilized disposable probes
Electrolysis by blend method is used where appropriate

Electrolysis involves the insertion of a very fine probe (the same diameter as the hair) into the hair follicle. The insertion of this probe is not felt as the hair follicle is a natural opening in the skin - the probe is passed into the follicle and therefore does not pierce the skin. Heat is then passed through the probe to seal off the hair at the root. The hair is then removed. Most hairs will need more than one treatment, but there will be a constant, gradual decrease in the growth of the hair until it has all been permanently removed. The amount of treatment required to achieve permanent removal of all the hair differs with each person, so we offer a consultation free of charge and without obligation to have any treatment - just a chance to have electrolysis explained in detail.

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What causes unwanted hair?

Hair growth is often traced to hereditary factors, and sometimes stress and certain illnesses can stimulate growth. Also temporary methods of hair removal (especially waxing and tweezing), certain drugs and medications or just the normal hormonal changes at different stages of life can increase growth. Sometimes simply a sensitivity to normal levels of hormones can stimulate a hair growth.

What areas can hair be removed from?

Any area with the exception of very sensitive areas such as the eyelids. Don't be embarrassed about, for example, hair around the nipples, on the abdomen or bikini line - these are very common areas to have hair removed from by electrolysis

Will it hurt?

Electrolysis is not generally painful although there may be some slight discomfort and a feeling of warmth in the area for a short time after treatment. It is best described as a sensation similar to tweezing a hair out - a tiny nip or sting. Is it safe? The treatment is approved by the medical profession and you should confirm:- (a) That your electrolysist uses sterile disposable probes, which are recommended by the Public Health Laboratory Service. You should have a brand new probe for each treatment. (b) That your electrolysist is fully qualified and preferably a registered member of the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis - don't be afraid to ask to see a certificate

How much does it cost?

This varies greatly with the individual - some people may need only a short treatment every 6 - 8 weeks, while others may need to attend on a weekly basis initially. Prices range from £26 for a 15 minute appointment to £72 for one hour. An average lip and chin area would require about half an hour to clear the hair which would cost £44. At the time of consultation the electrolysist will give you a more accurate assessment as to the period of time and cost involved. Remember, having a consultation puts you under no pressure to go ahead with treatment.
A 15 minute appointment includes up to 10 miutes of treatment. A 30 minute appointment includes up to 25 minutes of treatment and so on.


1. During electrolysis the client does not receive an "injection" - the probe passes into the hair follicle which is a natural opening in the skin so you don't even feel it.

2. There is no risk of scarring if the treatment is carried out correctly by a professionally qualified electrolysist. The only skin marking will be a slight redness of the area for a few hours after treatment which, after application of a suitable after-care preparation, can be covered with make-up.

3. No hair growth is too extensive or too strong to be successfully treated by electrolysis. Permanent results will take longer to achieve but they are definitely achievable - it is possible, (and is often done), to permanently remove a man's beard and moustache by electrolysis; removing all the hair from the legs is just as successful as a smaller area such as the upper lip.

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