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Waxing in Glasgow

"The quickest, least painful Brazilian & Hollywood waxing in Glasgow"
Waxing is a form of Hair Removal recommended for the body rather than the face (although facial waxing is possible, Electrolysis or IPL is recommended).
We specialise in waxing as we do in other forms of hair removal [Electrolysis and IPL]. We offer the quickest, least painful Brazilian and Hollywood waxing available, and in case you’re wondering a Brazilian is where all the hair is removed from the bikini area except a small strip at the front and a Hollywood is where all the hair is removed completely – nothing left at all. The Brazilian however can be anything you want it to be from a pencil thin strip left at the front to a wider or triangular shaped strip; some of the hair underneath can be left too if you wish – it’s entirely your choice. Waxing lasts between 4 and 6 weeks depending on your rate of hair growth. It leaves your skin soft and smooth, with no stubbly re-growth like shaving.

Brazilian, Hollywood and bikini waxing in glasgow city centre

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