Seborrhoeic Warts

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures
(Advanced Electrolysis) is used for the safe removal of many benign fibrous & vascular blemishes including:

Glasgow electrolysis and advanced electrolysis clinic shows advanced cosmetic procedures

About Face are Scotland’s only specialists in these procedures with all our electrolysists being fully qualified in them. Clinic owner Helen Graham is responsible for developing many of these techniques and teaches Advanced Electrolysis for both the BIAE [British Institute & Association of Electrolysis] and Sterex International, the world leaders in manufacture and supply of electrolysis equipment.
Using electrolysis to remove these blemishes is quick and safe and unlike surgical removal leaves no scar.
Often only 1 treatment is required

SEBORRHOEIC WARTS [seborrhoeic keratosis]

  Seborrhoeic warts are not true warts as they are not caused by a virus.
  They can vary greatly in appearance and can be any colour from skin
  colour to very dark brown. They are oval or round and can be anything
  from a couple of millimetres to a few centimetres across. Although raised
  above the skin they have a flat surface which usually has grooves in it.
  They can be dry and crumbly.
  They are completely benign i.e.[not cancerous] and occur with age –
 usually from age 40 onwards - and can appear on any area of the face or body. They can be hereditary and some people have a great many of them. They can also occur singly.
They are removed by applying the heat energy of electrolysis to the base and are gently scraped off. Sometimes a second treatment is required, especially with larger ones.

"I have always had skin tags and seborrhoeic warts and felt very self conscious about them, resulting in the fact that I would usually wear high necked tops. Following the advanced electrolysis treatment, apart from looking a lot better, it has also given me a lot more confidence not just in myself but also in what I wear, resulting in the purchase of a low backed strapless evening gown to attend a charity ball, something I would never have dreamt about doing before." Eleanor, Blantyre.

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