Advanced Cosmetic Procedures
(Advanced Electrolysis) is used for the safe removal of many benign fibrous & vascular blemishes including:

Glasgow electrolysis and advanced electrolysis clinic shows advanced cosmetic procedures

About Face are Scotland’s only specialists in these procedures with all our electrolysists being fully qualified in them. Clinic owner Helen Graham is responsible for developing many of these techniques and teaches Advanced Electrolysis for both the BIAE [British Institute & Association of Electrolysis] and Sterex International, the world leaders in manufacture and supply of electrolysis equipment.
Using electrolysis to remove these blemishes is quick and safe and unlike surgical removal leaves no scar.
Often only 1 treatment is required

  These are white, pearly, rounded lumps which occur in the uppermost
  layer of the skin when sebum [the oil produced naturally by the skin]
  becomes trapped in a blind duct.  The exact cause is unknown but
  some think they may be due to excess vitamin C in the diet, or use
  of too rich a cream on the skin. They are more common in dry skin.
  Milia can also appear in response to injury to the skin such as sunburn.
  They are treated by applying the heat energy of electrolysis to them.
  After treatment a tiny, pin-dot crust will form which will heal and fall away - usually within a few days – leaving no marking at all.

"I am thrilled with the results of ACP performed on moles. The treatment was quick, painless and I was very surpised to have little reaction after treatment therefore could go about my daily business as usual."  Jennifer, Kilwinning

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